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I like my Fagonello...

…because I can simply take it just out of the bag and play immediatly !

- one-piece design - just put on the crook and reed and play
- no difficult assembly/disassembly (basson 5-pcs.!)
- less prone to damage caused by wrong assembly/disassembly
- reinforced bend safe crook
…because it's an ideal size and never gets too heavy for me !
- total length: 98 cm
- total weight: ca. 1,25 kg (thus ca. 2-3 times lighter than a bassoon)
- optimal balance for ergonomic posture
- not as top-heavy as bassoons
…because I can reach all the keys without any effort !
- ergonomic child-friendly keywork
- the keyhole positioning is comparable to an alto recorder
…because it makes pretty cool low notes !
- plays in the same pitch as a standard bassoon(!)
- no transposing is required as for mini basson/tenoroon
- gammut fully chromatic from C to c“
- version "basic" without C# & Eb optional (upgrade at any time possible)
...because I will be able to play immediately a standard basson, as soon as I'm tall enough !
- same (german) finger positions as on the normal bassoon
- no transposing
- it is played with normal bassoon reeds
- the blowing pressure is comparable to that of a normal bassoon
- so later changeover to the bassoon is very easy
…because I can take it easily everywhere with me !
- hard wearing , water-proof gigbag with cats-eye stripes
…because it sound and looks so great !
- manufactured of finest wood
- all metal parts and crook are of high brilliance and nickle-free hardsilver plated
- tone-holes bushed projecting into the bore
- 100 % made in Germany
German Version
HEYDAY'S - Fagonello - Kinderfagott - Fagott für Kinder - JEKI - Fagottino - Kinderinstrumente - Jedem Kind ein Instrument