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You would like to purchase or to test a Fagonello ?
Please get in touch with us.
The Fagonello is distributed directly by ourselves in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. So we can offer optimal customer service and are always at your disposal. in any demand.

What does the Fagonello cost?
The regular sales price incl. special-crook, gigbag with cat-eye stripes, hardcover-crookcase, X-harness in XS/S and care set - 3555,-€ inkl. 19% VAT (fully chromatic version) or 3333,-€ incl. 19% VAT. (version "basic" without C# and Eb).

The Fagonello "basic" can be upgraded to fully chromatic version at any time.

Please for special conditions for bulk orders for musicschools, schools etc. !

What are delivery times of the Fagonello?
Due to the high demand the delivery time for fix ordered instruments is at the moment 8-10 weeks. Please pay attention to this when planning.


Mr. Frank Jank
Robert-Diez-Straße 2
D - 01326 Dresden
Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Telefon: +49 (0)351-
Telefax: +49 (0)351-
E-Mail: fagonello@heyday-s.com

Distribution Netherlands:

Fagotatelier Maarten Vonk
Contact: Maarten Vonk

E-Mail: info@fagot.nl

Distribution United Kingdom:

Howarth of London, London
Contact: Ben Couldwell

E-Mail: bassoon@howarth.uk.com

You are interested in distribution the Fagonello in your country - please contact us !

German Version
HEYDAY'S - Fagonello - Kinderfagott - Fagott für Kinder - JEKI - Fagottino - Quartfagott - Quintfagott - Kinderinstrumente - Jedem Kind ein Instrument